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Latest news
09/25/2018 Samvel Yervinyan

Samvel Yervinyan New concert announced!
06/28/2018 Nino Katamadze in Armenia

Nino Katamadze in Armenia September 29, 2018. Aram Khachaturyan concert hall
04/06/2017 Trio Mandili in Armenia

Trio Mandili in Armenia Azd production presents Trio Mandili concert in Armenia
09/27/2015 New Album released!

New Album released! Alin Goyan First CD!




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Events & Artist Management
Rosy Armen Solo Concert in Yerevan
Famous French-Armenian singer Rosy Armen concer will take a place in Yerevan at 25 May in Yerevan, Armenia
Rosy Armen Solo Concert in Yerevan
All works of events & artist management
New Album released!
"Kanche krunk" -first album of talented Alin Goyan released both in Tangible CD and in iTunes
New Album released!
All works of cd & dvd
Music videos
New Music Video!
Lazzaro vs Aidin Davoudi ft. Alin Goyan "Groong
New Music Video!
All works of music videos
Film production
Aerial Videos in Armenia
New footage with Aerial equipment
Aerial Videos in Armenia
All works of film production
Exhibitions & Interior
TV pavillion
New Tv studio design
TV pavillion
All works of exhibitions & interior
Packaging Design
New Instant Coffee packaging
Developed new design for Royal Armenia company
New Instant Coffee packaging
All works of packaging design
Web Design
Site design
All works of web design