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YEREVAN, MARCH 17, ARMENPRESS.Prominent jazz singer Datevik Hovanesian’s performance is always an expectedevent for her fans in Armenia. Upon the initiative of “Azd Production” company,the singer’s tour to Armenia will include not one, but four concerts. In aconversation with “Armenpress” the General Producer of “Azd Production” HaykHarutyunyan stated that the first concert will be held on June 28 in Yans Club,Yerevan, the second concert will be held on June 30 in Gyumri, and the thirdconcert will be organized in Stepanakert on July 2.

Among other things, the GeneralProducer of “Azd Production” Hayk Harutyunyan underscored: “The final concertof the series will be held on July 4 in the Armenian National Academic Theatreof Opera and Ballet after Alexander Spendiarian.”

Additional pictures

Concert in opera Concert in opera Concert in opera Concert in opera Concert in opera Concert in opera Concert in opera Concert in opera Concert in opera Concert in opera Concert in Artsakh Relaxing in Tatev

Additional videos

Tatevik Hovhannisyan at Radio VAN
Interview before concert
YouTube Video :


Datevik in Artsakh
local Reporter
YouTube Video :


Artsakh Visit
Meeting with minister of culture
YouTube Video :


Armenia Tv
Datevik gives interview to Armenia TV popular program Re-volucia
YouTube Video :


Interview with Narine Sultanyan
Armenia TV popular show
YouTube Video :


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